Brittany 2
Brittany Bersani, MA
Licensed Broker in Oregon
Executive Assistant to Marcia Kies
As a native of Portland, Brittany Bersani is very excited to be working in this fascinating, vibrant, and thriving community.
After living abroad for a few years, she renewed her appreciation for this wonderful city she calls home. From the beautiful landscapes to the wonderful food, this area never ceased to amaze her.
Her passion for real estate was born in her undergraduate days; as she saw the world changing and wanted to influence it in a positive direction.
Once she earned her Master’s Degree in Vienna, Austria, she knew what she had to do. She wanted to use real estate as a tool to do good in the world, by helping both buyers and sellers meet and exceed their expectations.

Nicole 2
Nicole Hutchinson
Marketing Director & Administrative Assistant to Marcia Kies
After having lived in four different states, in eight different homes, Nicole Hutchinson has called the Portland area home for the past 20 years.
For years, she toured homes with her own family; from New Jersey, to Illinois, to Alabama, before settling in Oregon in 1997. Now, as an adult, she has just purchased her first house after spending months finding just the right home.
She knows what it is like, both as a child and an adult, to walk through the threshold of a house that could potential be her future home. Nicole has had to weigh a home, both as somewhere she will grow up, and somewhere she will one day raise her family. In a way, Nicole has had a passion for real estate since she was a child.
With a history of working with social media, technical know-how, and a weird appreciation for paperwork and data entry, Nicole has a stellar attitude that brings a positive sass to Marcia’s day-to-day operations.
At this time, she is working fervently towards obtaining her real estate license.