Real Estate



During the past twelve months, how many homes have you sold?  Ten, twenty, fifty? How did you attract the buyers? Which marketing techniques were most effective?  How did interest rates affect the selling price?  Are discount points the same today as twelve months ago?

Each day, the local real estate market changes.  Buyers become more sophisticated and web-literate.  Interest rates, discount points and closing costs fluctuate to the tune of the money markets.  New homes become available and others sell.

Unless you are involved in local real estate on a daily basis, you’re likely to find that yesterday’s facts are today’s fantasies.  So, if you plan to sell your home successfully at the best possible price, you’re going to need assistance to overcome the complexities of selling.

Make your choice of a representative carefully.  Areas of expertise to be considered include 1) financing know-how and creativity, 2) experience marketing homes like yours, 3) internet literacy, 4) pricing expertise, and 5) negotiating talent.  Real estate transactions require a mix of facts and figures know-how combined with superior people and communications skills.

When selling your home, don’t underestimate the importance of obtaining strong representation by an experienced real estate agent.  Remember, you will be competing against many other homes for the attention of qualified buyers.  Your agent-advocate can produce just the right buyer!


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