Real Estate · Selling

Three Possible Prices

There are many factors that affect how you’ll price your home when you’re ready to sell.  In spite of market conditions, interest rates, and so on, every transaction is unique.  So, you should seek the assistance of an agent and prepare yourself and your home well in advance of placing the For Sale sign out front.

Sometimes a home will have three different possible prices: the price the sellers want to net, the price the buyers would like to offer, and the final sales price agreed upon by both parties.  Your home’s ultimate value is determined by other local sale prices, which are often a product of supply and demand.

The asking price or the offered price are not the whole story, however.  While an offer of $500,000 doesn’t seem to appear as good as an offer of $510,000, pay close attention to the terms attached to that higher offer.  If the buyers also want you to offset closing costs and deduct for a decorating allowance, the “clean” offer of $500,000 might actually put more money in your pocket.

It’s wise to seek representation and assistance with pricing, marketing, negotiation and closing.  Put a real estate agent with local experience to work for you.  Once armed with the facts relating to terms and conditions of local sales, you can move forward with confidence in your listing.


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