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Start Moving Yesterday

Let’s say you’ve just decided to list your home for sale. You know there’s a lot to plan, but when do you start preparing to move? In a word, NOW! Stay focused and don’t panic!

The main aspect guiding your planning will be whether you’re moving a long distance or just locally. Either way, begin hoarding boxes, packing tape, moving blankets, packing peanuts – and big black markers to indicate contents and locations on every single box.

In many cases, you’ll want to consider a professional mover, and your listing agent can make some excellent recommendations. However, be sure your choice is licensed and bonded, and that their employees have workman’s comp insurance. Always get an estimate in writing, from more than one company, and inquire about their equipment, training and experience. References should always be available upon request.

Well in advance of The Big Day, hold a moving sale to reduce the amount you have to pay for your move. Items that don’t sell can often be donated to charitable organizations, or taken to the landfill as a last resort.

When you’re finally “outta there,” make sure you’ve brought enough cash for your travel, your medications and supplements, and your children’s favorite toys, games and entertainment. It could be a few days before you have access to your belongings, so plan ahead and be prepared!

This article was originally published on this site on June 8, 2012. It has been updated reflect the current home market.