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Kies to Your Dream Home

Can you imagine an insurance agency that also offers golf lessons? What about a pastry shop that decides to manufacture and sell microscopes? Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it?

If the insurance agency understands rates, risks and policyholders, they will be quite successful. On the other hand, if they attempt to offer golf lessons, they will face stiff competition from the experienced golf “pro” who does that for a living.

As for a pastry shop that sells microscopes, well, you get the picture. To be successful at a business requires in-depth knowledge of a product and the market, experience, and dedication to serving the needs of customers.

Each day technicians, chemists, bankers, teachers, brain surgeons and many others begin selling real estate on their own. Although their expertise clearly lies in another field, they decide to sell real estate on a “one-time” basis – as a “by owner.”

Selling real estate requires superior knowledge of such things as how to effectively price a property, negotiating skills navigating through contingencies, lender and inspection requirements, title concerns and possession dates combined with enthusiasm and a sensitivity to individual personalities.

Selling a home at the best price, in the shortest possible time, requires education, experience, and a seven-day-aweek commitment to success. To a licensed professional, real estate is not a weekend diversion, but a way of life. This expertise produces results in an early sale at a satisfying price. Be completely informed before selling your home.

Marcia Kies Article – Kies to Your Dream Home


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