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Reason To Celebrate!

Imagine that you’re throwing a party, and want to invite only your closest friends. Rather than taking time to mail invitations, you place an announcement in the paper reading “I’m having a party Friday night, and you’re invited. Please come!” Your name and address appear at the bottom of the ad.

After a great deal of preparation, Friday night arrives and you’re surprised when over fifty total strangers show up ready to party. What happened?

First, you took a short cut by running a generic ad to attract the attention of your friends. Instead, you got the attention of “John Q. Public.” Second, you expended effort preparing for a party that wasn’t appreciated by the crowd that showed up.

A similar situation could happen if you try to sell your home without representation. Without an agent, you may attract prospects to your home who have no business being there. They may lack the financial resources to buy, or may be bargain hunters or “window shoppers.”

An agent attracts only the best prospects by targeting specific buying groups. Potential buyers are screened for their ability to make a purchase and their motivation for doing so. Only qualified buyers are shown your home. You are more likely to receive the best possible price, with fewer showings, and with the least inconvenience to you and your family.


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