Real Estate · Selling

Don't Overdo It

Homeowners who are preparing to sell realize there’s quite a bit of competition out there. While presenting your home in model condition is one of the best ways to win the attention of potential buyers, be careful to avoid the pitfalls of improvements that may not produce the offer price you are seeking.

First and foremost, do not try to out-do the other homes on the block. Yes, you want your home to stand out, but not so far out that your asking price will have to be significantly higher than those of the homes around you. You’ll price yourself out of your own neighborhood while waiting and waiting for those offers.

Second, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Don’t waste your time and money on improvements that may not pay off. You can’t know for sure if buyers will respond positively to your idea of “improvement.” Why put in $3,000 worth of new carpeting when your buyers might want hardwood floors? Just stick to the basics.

Speaking of basics, the most important rule to follow is that of regular upkeep on your home. Keep your gutters cleared, apply fresh paint to the exterior, and trim your yard. Buyers have plenty of imagination, and if you just present them with a clean and functional canvas, they’ll easily envision the home of their dreams.


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