Imagine the fire department responding to a call by sending a bulldozer manned by birdwatchers. What if you needed an electrician and a banker showed up at your door? Want to sell your home? Would you call a nurse or a chemist to sell it?

Homeowners come from all walks of life — doctors, pharmacists, accountants, professors, administrators, and thousands of other professions. Each is good at what they do. Some are specialists with comprehensive backgrounds in extremely technical subjects. Others are generalists using their vision and intuition to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Each has a good handle on their particular area of expertise.

Why is it then that some property owners embark on a temporary new career — real estate — when selling their home? Why consider taking a leave of abssence from their existing career?

To sell “By Owner” requires the sellers to become marketing experts with in-depth knowledge of mortgage financing, contracts, taxation, advertising, direct mail strategies, psychology, face-to- face selling, and negotiating. Owners must remain at home to man the phones when buyers call. Answering machines do not satisfy the needs of real buyers.

What’s more, “By Owners” must go head-to-head with their competition, those full-time, experienced, educated agents who make their living by serving sellers. These dedicated agents live and breathe real estate — often 24/7. They get the best price for homes and eliminate hassle and inconvenience for the sellers they represent. Who could ask for more?